Q: Can I visit your store in person? 

A: I am offering curb-side pickup via phone/web orders (email me at P95401@aol.com). I am not open for walk-in business due to health concerns, sorry.

Having people in the store has been giving me severe anxiety after a pandemic year. It's a work in progress. Your patience is appreciated. Thanks again for understanding and supporting us during this stressful time!

Q: Are there any NEW comics? 

A: YES! However I've only been filling existing customer orders. If I have any extras I have been putting them up on this site as we are not open to browse in person. You are also welcome to call or email if you're looking for a new release. Thank you for your patience! 


 Q: When do you do curbside pickup? 

A: 11am - 5pm Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, & Saturday


Q: Do you ship? 

A: We are shipping USPS, domestic only. 


Q: Nice to see you on the internet! Can I browse your entire store's stock? 

A: Thanks for finding us! Currently, we are working on adding a small part of the store's inventory online - this is to try out the process and see how it goes. Due to the widespread speculation in sports cards/pokemon, I post available boxes on my instagram: comicstoreowner. We also have had to pull card supplies from the internet as these too have become hard to keep in stock.

This is all new to me, please be patient. Hopefully it goes well!

Q. Are you buying? 

A: Sorry, not at this time. We have a lot of stock on hand already from being closed for a year. Also we have generally have no interest in buying in sports memorabilia, bobble heads, toys or loose/single 80's-90's sports cards, magic, yu-gi-oh, or pokemon cards, sorry.