Q: Can I visit your store in person? 

A: YES, we have re-opened to the public. However, we ask: PLEASE WEAR A FACE MASK. I have been having attacks of severe anxiety after a pandemic year. Please be kind. Thanks again for understanding and supporting us during this stressful time!

Q: Are there any NEW comics? 

A: YES! New comics arrive in the store every Wednesday. The Diamond display on my site uploads releases I order every week. Some are pre-sold to my regular customers and may not be available in store. We do carry DC Comics as well, I just don't list those on the website because they are distributed through a different vendor now. If you wish to know something is in stock, please call the store or email. 

 Q: Do you ship? 

A: We are shipping USPS, domestic only. 

 Q: Nice to see you on the internet! Can I browse your entire store's stock? 

A: Thanks for finding us! Currently, we are working on adding a small part of the store's inventory online - this is to try out the process and see how it goes. Due to the widespread speculation in sports cards/pokemon, I post available boxes on my instagram: comicstoreowner. We also have had to pull card supplies from the internet as these too have become very hard to keep in stock.

Q. Are you buying? 

A: Sorry, not at this time. We have a lot of stock on hand already from being closed for a year. Also we have generally have no interest in buying in sports memorabilia, bobble heads, toys or loose/single 80's-90's sports cards, magic, yu-gi-oh, or pokemon cards. 

Q: Do you have comics back issues?

A: Do we have back issues?! We have SO MANY. However, we do not generally deal in slabbed/graded comics or have high grade golden or silver age. We do have a great deal of 80's, 90's - recent back issues available. 

Q: Do you carry manga? 

A: A little! We carry some recent series such as My Hero Academia and Boruto, but a great deal of our manga is older. We have Blade of the Immortal, Kare Kano and even Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.